About Me

I first rode a Vespa 200 in my mates back garden as a 7 year old, his Mum let us ride around turning up the turf and wheelie up and down the drive, I come from a motorbiking family with my Dad and Stepdad both owning bikes.

I have owned a strange collection of bikes in my time from a Honda XL 185 trial bike to a Cossack 350 (I know WTF).

In my early teens I was the kinda kid who rode anyones bike I could begging my older brothers mates and my brother and friends, also taking bikes up to what we called the sewage farm (nice) a large piece of land a short illegal ride up the road through alleyway’s to avoid the police.

The sewage farm was a mix of open fields, drainage channels, small pathways and a gravel hill to try to climb up.

On busy days the locals used to call the police, they would turn up and try to catch us but there were so many escape routes out we all scrambled in different directions only to regroup later that day.

I had a licence that allowed me to ride small bikes when I was younger but twisted the rules as you do with a 125 sticker on the side of my 185cc, and before that when I was too young to ride a 125 a Honda C70 instead of a c50, Funny what you will do as a youngster just to get 5mph.

I only became a legal rider 1n 2015 and got a full licence at the start of 2016, after years of swearing I needed to do my full test, I convinced my mate Paul to get into bikes so we could ride together, so the real journey began here at 50 years old.

In 2016 we planned with another friend a journey across western Europe covering France, Belguim. Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and even popping over the Alps to Italy.

I currently own two motorbikes my every day ride a Honda Hornet 2010 cb600f which is fun light and nimble and my project which is a 1980 Kawazaki Z750 ltd which was purchased whilst drunk on Ebay and I am slowly rebuilding.

I don’t commute so all my riding is for fun, I ride on my own to get out and about and also with friends and clubs.

Based on in the suburbs of London I am so lucky that I can and do enjoy the city and all the chaotic filtering it provides but can be in the stunning English countryside in minutes as well where I can test my skills riding the twisty country roads with ever changing conditions.

I ride all year around and have even tested out a bit of snowy riding when caught out and the weather turns.

I decided to get my workshop/garage up and running again as it has laid dormant for some years, I now bring back to life motorbikes that need some love and attention and have a small turnover of bikes soley for the pleasure of mine and my biking friends.